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Proper home maintenance can help keep your home insurance costs low!

Plumbing Contractor Insurance - Female Plumber Sitting on the Floor and Working to Fix Leaking Sink In a Home Bathroom Seen From the Doorway5 Basic Home Maintenance Tips to Take Care of the Little Things That Add Up

1. Restore power to any dead outlets
Check out the outlets in your home annually. Are they working? If you find some of your power sources are dead, we recommend that you call a professional electrician to get them fixed. Now’s also a good time to check that you have GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) receptacles with those “Test” and “Reset” buttons near any plumbing fixtures. If you don’t, it’s likely to come up in the home inspection when you decide to sell your house.

2. Clean out exhaust fans to prevent mold
Fans in your home help clean out smells and moisture, but if they can’t do their job efficiently, you run the risk of growing mold in your home. Once a year, take the time to remove and clean your bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans. This’ll keep the hardware running smoothly, and the moisture out of your home.

3. Double check your downspout
Take a look around the perimeter of your home to check for downspouts that have become detached from your home. If downspouts become detached or faulty, water will not get directed away from the home and can lead to water intrusion or even foundation issues. This is a minor fix that can save you major cash down the road.

4. Clear your drains
Tackle any slow drains in your home before they become clogged. It’s better to snake the drain with a wire hanger, or clog remover tool, rather than use drain cleaner, which can be hard on your pipes.

5. Check your water bill to track water consumption
For many of us, it’s hard to detect a leak in our home until the telltale water stain appears on the ceiling. One of the simplest ways to watch for leaks and water consumption is keeping track of your bill. Take a look at your water bill monthly and compare month over month. If the number is higher than average, you might want to explore further with the help of a professional plumber.

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